3 Best Ways to Make Iced Coffee

  • Posted on: 17 May 2014
  • By: admin
3 Best Ways to Make Iced Coffee

With summer on the way, sometimes you just feel like a cool, refreshing drink that still has that caffeine kick that you need to get you through the day. Iced coffee drinks could be the answer that you are looking for - let’s take a look at some of the options.

1. Simple, just add ice to your coffee.

The easiest option, and possibly the one with the lowest risk of messing up your coffee, is to simply take your favorite hot coffee drink and pour it over ice.

I was recently in Japan, and even during winter all of their coffee options can be ordered as iced or hot. I became a bit addicted to iced caramel macchiatos - sweet and milky, cold and delicious.

I have a bit of a personal preference to avoid coffee that has been made in advance and is then used for iced drinks on demand. This is particularly common when you are ordering an iced americano - instead of making the coffee fresh and then adding ice to cool it down, the coffee is made in advance so that it is quicker to simply pour into a glass with ice and serve when ordered. For me, this approach loses a lot of the flavor that you are looking for in your coffee drink and it all starts to taste a bit stale and bitter.

2. Get fancy and add some flair to your iced coffee drink

In Australia, iced coffee is nearly always served as a double shot of espresso, some cubes of ice, topped up with cold milk, and served with a scoop of ice-cream floating on top. A whipped cream topping is usually also an option. Sometimes the variation on this is that the cafe will have prepared a cold coffee mix (which is generally sweetened). This mix is then topped up with milk so has a lot more dairy in it if that is a concern for you.

I don’t really like my coffee too sweet, so I much prefer it when this sort of iced coffee drink is made fresh from scratch. I generally avoid the ice-cream too unless you know that they are using quality ice-cream, because low quality ice-cream just adds artificial sweetener and not any real creaminess to the drink.

There are also a lot of ready-made milky coffee iced drinks available from supermarkets and other stores - these are notoriously high in sugar and deliver a fairly disappointing coffee flavor. Best avoided.

3. Learn from the masters in the art of iced coffee

My absolute favorite way to enjoy iced coffee is a Vietnamese Iced Coffee, this is a double shot of espresso, poured over ice, and then with a generous dollop of condensed milk stirred through. It is a relatively short drink (unless you have the self-discipline to sip it slowly), but is ideal for a steamy hot day. Sweet and sicky but somehow the coffee flavor of the espresso still really comes through with a punch. Irresistible.

The variations on how to serve an iced coffee are endless - what are your favorites? Share your recipes and photos with us, we would love to give them a try!