4 Types of Tea That You Should Be Drinking

  • Posted on: 31 May 2014
  • By: admin
4 Types of Tea That You Should Be Drinking

Tea is a pretty popular drink, has been for centuries, around the world.  However tea can be more than just a pleasant beverage - there are lots of different claims and marketing campaigns out there all pushing one type of tea or another based on a range of health claims, not all of them backed up by the type of research or scientific testing that you would expect to see.

In this article we take a look at a few of the different options out there and give some advice as to what type of tea is actually best for you to drink.

What are the different types of tea?

All tea comes from the same source - it is the leaves of the tea plant (Camellia Sinensis if you want to get technical), you make the beverage by pouring boiling water over the cured leaves.

The different variations of tea are derived from the different ways that the leaves of the tea plant are treated and processed.  The main types that you will see are Green Tea; Black Tea; White Tea; and Oolong Tea.

Herbal teas don’t really exist - because a drink that is made from herbs or fruits doesn’t contain any tea leaves they are more correctly referred to as a herbal infusion or a tisane.

Green Tea for anitoxidants

A lot of study and research has been done regarding the health benefits of green tea.  It is generally accepted that green tea is a good antioxidant - helping to protect the body from free radicals.  It is also believed that green tea has anti-cancer properties and can also assist in prevent brain cell rejuvenation.

Black Tea to stay awake

With the highest caffeine content of all teas, black tea has always been known as a good pick-me-up.  But there are also some other compounds found within black tea that make it worth considering.  It seems to work as a form of blood thinner in a similar way to that of aspirin, so there is some indications that drinking black tea can play a role in reducing the risk of stroke.

White Tea to stay healthly and thin

This is the least processed type of tea and is believed to have some benefits in supporting the skin’s natural elastin and collagen.  There is also some indication that white tea can help to block fat cells from forming and may possibly speed up the fat burning process.  There are also some studies that suggest that white tea can play an active role in supporting the body to resist bacteria and viruses.

Oolong Tea has a bit of everything

High in caffeine and antioxidant levels, there is also some evidence that suggests that Oolong tea can reduce blood clot formation and can help to lower cholesterol in the body.  It is also believed that drinking Oolong tea can help boost your metabolism.

While there is still a great more study and research to be done, the clinical trial that have been completed to date all seem to indicate that drinking tea is pretty good for you.  In fact, it doesn’t really matter what type of tea that you like drinking - just keep drinking it and your body will thank you.