5 Reasons Why Green Tea is Good for you

  • Posted on: 21 May 2014
  • By: admin
5 Reasons Why Green Tea is Good for you

As far as hot beverages go, green tea is one of the world’s most popular and it is also one of the drinks that has the longest history.

First drunk in China around 4,000 years ago, green tea has now been adopted around the world.

I really like green tea as an iced drink - you can easily add a range of flavors to make it a cool and refreshing option during the summer months.  But green tea is not only consumed as a hot or iced drink, green tea extracts can also be found in a huge range of products and supplements.

While there is a generally held belief that drinking or consuming green tea is good for you, over the years a number of studies have been conducted to try and verify the health benefits.

In this article we take a look at some of the key benefits - the bottom line is... it's time for you to be drinking more green tea.

1. Green tea can improve your skin

In Asia, green tea is often the core ingredient in beauty masks, it is also used in products designed to reduce blackheads and pimples.  Green tea is also widely used as a remedy for treating wounds. 

2.  Green tea can help you lose weight

While drinking green tea doesn’t seem to have any impact on weight loss, an extract of green tea has been shown to induce thermogenesis in the body, stimulating fat oxidation by boosting the body’s metabolic rate. 

When I was a bit obsessed with the gym, my personal trainer recommended a supplement called Super Green Tea Diet - it contained an extract of green tea together with a potent mixture of caffeine and chromium.  It may have been a little psychosomatic but it definitely seemed to help keep my body lean.

3. Green tea can reduce the risk of cancer

There does seem to be some truth behind this.  The active component in green tea that might assist in fighting cancer are the flavonoids - this is a group of chemicals that are present in most plants and have been proved to have anti-oxidative and anti-carcinogenic properties.  Flavonoids can also be found in fresh fruits, vegetable juices and red wine, but green tea has a higher concentration of flavonoids than these other sources.

4.  Green tea can prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. 

There have been studies completed in Japan that have found that consumption of green tea results in a decreased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Green tea may reduce the risk of heart disease

It is probably a little too early to call this one, but the belief is that green tea can reduce cholesterol levels and lower coronary artery disease.  However the studies that have been conducted so far haven’t been totally conclusive.

So there you have it - not only is green tea good to drink, it can help keep you healthy too. 

I’m trying to start every day with a cup of green tea to make sure I’m getting as much as possible into my diet.  Get in touch and tell us how you are consuming your green tea!