Top 3 Advantages of Drinking Green Tea

  • Posted on: 31 May 2014
  • By: admin
Top 3 Advantages of Drinking Green Tea
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I drink a lot of tea - I like having a pot always nearby, sipping it slowly while I’m working. 

Generally I’m drinking a basic English Breakfast (or “Builders Tea” as my grandmother used to refer to it).  Just weak, black tea - nice and simple.  Recently however I was on holiday with my sister and she took me to task and told me that I should be drinking green tea instead.  I went away and did some research into the advantages of green tea, and always, it seems that my sister is right.

In this article we summarise some of the key advantages that suggest that you should be giving green tea a try.

1. Medical studies verify the health benefits

One of the challenges that face a lot of health foods or hypoallergenic products is that while the products are popular and may have been used for centuries in traditional or cultural medicines, unless robust clinical studies have been conducted then they can’t be regulated and any benefits can’t be used to market the product. The good news about green tea is that not only has it been used for centuries in many countries (particularly across Asia), there have also been extensive clinical studies completed that have been able to verify a number of the health benefits that committed green tea drinkers swear by.

2. It's all about oxidation

All types of tea are made from the plant that we commonly refer to as the tea bush. All tea contains a certain level of antioxidants. It is the process known as oxidation of the leaves of the bush that produces the different types of tea, it is also this process that determines the level of antioxidants remaining in the tea leaves.  Green tea is made from un-oxidised leaves, which means it is the least processed type of tea - this means that out of all the teas, green tea has the highest levels of antioxidants.  Studies have shown that these antioxidants can help reduce inflammation and can also have anti-carcinogenic effects.

3. Drink yourself thin

There is quite a bit of evidence out there that shows that green tea can help you lose weight.  There’s two elements at work here. 

Firstly, green tea contains caffeine - not quite as much as coffee, but still quite a bit. Caffeine helps boost your metabolism, which means that your body is consuming more energy, so is more likely to convert fats and sugars rather than storing them.

The second element is that studies have shown that green tea does contain properties that will help your body mobilise fatty acids from your body’s tissues - making them more available to convert into energy.  However the general consensus is that simply drinking a cup of green tea won’t have a material effect on your body composition, you would need to take a green tea supplement in order to consume the amount of green tea required for you to see body transformation results.  Green tea supplements are available from health food stores.

The advantages of green tea are clear and widely documented.  Not only is it delicious and refreshing to drink - it’s also good for you!

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