Tips on ways to stay awake

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Starting the day with a steaming cup of coffee may be the normal routine of many of you! Most of you might go through additional cuppas all through the day to sail through the professional stresses. Probably, you are not aware of the ill effects of caffeine on the human body!


Caffeine, that magical element in coffee that shakes you up and wakes you up, is present in an even greater amount in a sister beverage known as tea.


So what’s the verdict on your daily coffee? My philosophy is I’ll try anything twice and most substances can be used for tribal purposes. It’s the abuse of a substance that starts the problem.


The most common time to feel tired during the workday is felt directly after lunch… especially if you eat Chinese food. No offense if you own a Chinese restaurant, but no matter how many stay awake at work tips I can give you, it is nearly impossible to recover from a Chinese lunch. Otherwise, the best defense against the lunch effect and to stay awake at work is to walk it off.


You’ve been drinking coffee all day long to stay awake and when you finally stop your head begins to hurt really bad. How do you avoid the headaches caused by caffeine withdrawal? It makes perfect sense, if you about to crash from caffeine then just drink more and you’ll delay your crash by a few hours. Just like to avoid a hangover you should keep drinking alcohol, right? Well, wrong.


I used to drink Diet Coke at work like crazy, at least one per hour. Our office had an open fridge policy, all the free diet coke I could drink.

With soda, it doesn’t seem like I experienced caffeine crashes like you usually get with coffee. Also it keeps you active because diet coke makes you pee like a race horse every 15 minutes, so you’re always getting up and down.


If you’re tired you drink coffee, it keeps you up. It’s good for people who have to wake up early. It restores mental alertness, increase body coordination, and increase your flow of thoughts. Drinking coffee and being artificially awake makes me feel good.


So you might be a student who needs to stay up all night to study for a big exam. You might work the night shift. You might be all night bowling. You might be afraid of Freddy Kruger. Whatever the reason, sometimes you just need to keep awake at night.


After much testing and drinking we have declared the best of class. So why do we like Monster Energy drinks better than the others? Well to put it simply, Monster Energy drinks taste good. It’s the only energy drink that doesn’t taste like water dredged from the sewer.