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Our Story

Artificially Awake is dedicated to the people who strive to keep going even when they feel like they can’t make it. Whether you need to stay awake all night, or you have to wake up early, or you just have to make it though your day, this is for you. We’re cheering you on.


Coffee with a Purpose

Artificially Awake is dedicated to those who need to go the extra mile for a greater purpose. For the good of helping another human. For the passion of creating something inspirational. For the love of your family. For making sure the job was done right.  



Supporting the Arts

A portion of the proceeds from every retail bag of Artificially Awake Coffee sold is given to support the Arts, be it local artists, musicians, filmmakers, actors, dancers, performers, you name it. The Arts spark creativity, inspiration, and innovation, making the world a better place.



Commitment to Quality

We are committed to producing that perfect roast to ensure a premium coffee drinking experience. If you don’t love our coffee, return it for a full refund. No questions asked! Satisfaction guaranteed!