100% USDA Organic

50% Extra Caffeine

All Natural

Feel Awake. Feel Alive.


When you’re extremely tired and you need to get awake and stay awake. When you need to kickstart or sustain your mental focus, alertness, and concentration. When you’re mentally and physically drained and you need to push through.

You need to be Artificially Awake®.

For working late. For waking up early. For pushing the extra rep…For even getting to the gym. For cramming more knowledge into your head. For getting home safe. For taking care of your family and putting food on the table. For going the extra mile. For helping another human. For creating something inspirational. For making sure the job was done right.  

Our mission is to keep you awake, so you can complete your mission.

What Makes This COffee Special?

We didn’t set out to make “Yet Another Coffee”, we wanted to make something different, something special. We wanted to give people an edge over people who drink “normal” coffee. 

Our Stay Awake Blend has 50% more caffeine than normal coffee.

50% More Caffeine? How is this possible?

99% of coffees you buy are made with 100% Arabica coffee beans. But the secret to getting more caffeine into your coffee, in a natural way, is by mixing in the rare and elusive Robusta bean. Our Stay Awake Blend uses a proprietary mix of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans giving you 50% more caffeine than normal coffee.

What is Robusta?

Robuta has been a trick of trade by Italian espresso roasters for hundreds of years to add more buzz to a shot of espresso. In the West, coffee snobs deem robusta an “inferior” coffee bean due to it’s bitter taste, but we only source “superior” grade AA quality for our coffee. Our roastmaster mixes in the right amount robusta to get the best taste without the bitter flavor, and the best effect of caffeine POP!

Why Artificially Awake?

Artificially Awake is for people who strive to keep going even when they feel like they can’t make it. Whether you need to stay awake all night, or you have to wake up early, or you just have to make it though your day, this is for you.  


With 50% more Caffeine, Getting Awake and Staying Awake has never been easier.



Your neurons fire more rapidly and activate more synapses. The stimulant action of caffeine results in higher alertness, sharper focus, and extended mental endurance.

Coffee Explosion


Experience enhanced cognition, learning, & memory. Reduces brain fog and stress response for better concentration, clarity, and focus. 

More Energy & Stamina.

Increases stamina, endurance, & energy levels. Activates your metabolism to burn more fat during exercise and is proven to help with recovery after workouts.

Artificially Awake Coffee Is

Take pride knowing that you’re drinking USDA Certified Organic and Direct Trade coffee. We use Organic and Ethically-sourced, rich, smooth, full-bodied whole coffee beans chosen for purity and quality. Even though you’ll be Artificially Awake, you’ll be doing so in the Healthiest and All Natural way!

Small Batch Roasted
Hand Crafted
Nitro Flushed
plant based

What's Inside

Our Organic, Direct Trade Coffee Beans are carefully grown and hand picked from small farms in South America and India. With a naturally higher caffeine content, you’ll have that extra clarity and focus to help you succeed.


This dark roasted coffee is a propritary blend of high grown Brazilian Arabica beans which are expertly blended with a hint of hand selected AA Grade Indian Cherry Robusta beans.


Flavor Profile

The blend has a strong flavor with a nutty, caramelly, chocolatey  aftertaste. 

It is a full-bodied coffee with a balanced acidity. It goes down smooth with a hint of sweetness.

Arabica Bean

Brazil Arabica​

One of the Best Arabica beans in the world. Rich flavor with traces of Salt & Chocolate. Full Body.

Robusta Bean

India Robusta​

Adds notes of Chocolate and Carmel. Enhances consistency and ties all the flavors together.

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Commitment to Quality

We are committed to producing that perfect roast to ensure a premium coffee drinking experience. If you don’t love our coffee, return it for a full refund. No questions asked! Satisfaction guaranteed!