How To Cure a Caffeine Crash [3 Steps]

You’ve been drinking coffee all day long to stay awake and when you finally stop your head begins to hurt really bad. How do you avoid the headaches caused by caffeine withdrawal?
It makes perfect sense if you about to crash from caffeine then just drink more and you’ll delay your crash by a few hours. Just like to avoid a hangover you should keep drinking alcohol, right? Well, wrong.

Here are 3 really simple steps to cure a caffeine crash.

Step 1: Drink Water

To beat a caffeine crash you must hydrate yourself and start flushing the caffeine out of your system. So the first step is to, you guessed it, drink water, approximately equal to the amount of caffeine that you drank.

Step 2: Eat Protein

Second, eat walnuts, peanut butter, or other high protein foods.

Step 3: Take a Nap

Third, take some pain killers and a nap.

Bonus Step:

You could avoid getting coffee crashes and not get a headache!

There you have it, 3 steps to cure a caffeine crash. Hopefully, you don’t crash and have to follow these steps too often. Click here to learn more about why caffeine crashes happen and how to prevent them.

Good luck and remember, caffeinate responsibly.





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