Is Coffee Good for Gamers?

As most avid video game players know, time almost always seems to fly by. A mere hour-long session in your head is actually four, five, six hours, and over that in reality. There’s a good chance that you often feel how really draining long sessions can be. Over time, you will find how your energy and concentration isn’t like it was at the beginning of the first match or mission and that you aren’t performing at your peak.

There’s plenty of high strength energy drinks and super sugary snack foods to keep up the pace, but you will eventually crash and hurt your performance even more. That’s where a good old fashioned cup of coffee comes for the save question is what sets it apart from any other source of caffeine?

Coffee is a good choice for gamers because it gives a steady source of caffeine. It is also cost-effective and doesn’t have any artificial filler ingredients that you would find in the average energy drink and no added sugars. Plain coffee is one of the most healthful drinks in the world, as it’s high in antioxidants and provides many other health benefits for things like mental function and concentration to heart health.

Keep reading to find out why coffee should be the drink gamers go to.

How Does Coffee Compare to Energy Drinks?

The biggest question that you may be asking is “why brew some coffee when I can just buy an energy drink?” The first reason is that the amount of caffeine that you would get from coffee is nearly the same as an energy drink. A can of an energy drink like Rockstar will have around 165 mg of caffeine, good cup of drip coffee should have around that same amount. And pour-over coffee even higher than the energy drink at about 175 mg.

Coffee is Cheaper than Energy Drinks

A cup of joe is dirt cheap when compared to a can of Red Bull. A case of energy drinks sells at about ten dollars or more for a small pack of four 12 ounce cans and will last you a couple days. A 12 ounce bag of coffee grounds cost less and will get you around 3 cups of coffee a day for about a week, or around one cup a day for to 20 days or more. If you buy in bulk to save money, I have some good for you too; Coffee is also much cheaper to buy in bulk than energy drinks.

Coffee Doesn’t Have Sugar or Calories

If you spend a lot of time in a sedentary, or inactive state, it is important that you watch what you consume and how many calories you take in order to avoid health problems when you can. Coffee is a good choice for this because black coffee has no calories.

Another perk is that it also has no sugar which is great for anyone who needs energy but needs to watch their sugar intake, or just wants to cut down. If black coffee isn’t to you liking, there is a wide variety of zero or low calorie coffee creamers with very little if any sugar.

Coffee Boosts Energy and Can Help Your Body

The most obvious and practical reason you would want to drink coffee is that it provides a steady stream of energy to keep you alert and awake. This is of course because of the caffeine. Caffeine is a psychoactive stimulant drug, in normal terms, it means that caffeine is a drug that stimulates your nervous system (your brain, spinal cord, nerves,) making your brain systems fire is what gives you that feeling that wakes you up and creates that caffeine “buzz”.

These effects of coffee help you get into a deeper level of concentration, what you may know as “the zone”. This concept is more formally known as the flow state by professional athletes and top performers. Like many things, you won’t know it until it’s gone, but in simple terms, it’s when get completely absorbed into what you’re doing and play at the peak of your physical and mental abilities.

Mood and Cognitive Function Improvement

Aside from the energy you get, another effect of caffeine has on your brain is that it improves how long the cells that make dopamine live. Dopamine is the brain’s “reward” chemical it makes you feel good and puts you in a positive mood.

Coffee Is Rich in Antioxidants

Coffee beats both tea and cocoa by how many antioxidants it has. These antioxidants help with your metabolism, protect our cells, lower blood pressure, and help fight inflammation from things like carpal tunnel. This is a well-known problem among Esports enthusiasts. Another antioxidant called CGA is almost exclusive to coffee, has been linked to improving heart health and helping to prevent heart disease.

In summary, the many health benefits as well as performance-boosting effects of coffee make it a good choice for gamers. Coffee is an inexpensive alternative to energy drinks with the added perk of not having any extra sugars or additives.





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