How To Stay Awake In Class (10 Tips!)

Learning how to stay awake in class can be a real challenge. This is especially true when you are stuck in a boring lecture.

We all have that one class that lulls you to sleep as soon as the instructor opens his/her mouth. Thankfully, there are those before you who has battled with staying awake in their respective classes, myself included. I have been in your place and have, in fact, graduated from trying to battle with my drooping eyelids.

Let me share with you the secret that allowed me to keep myself awake in class. Knowing how to stay awake in class may be crucial for you to graduate. There are two lists to share: how to stay awake before and during a class.

How to stay awake in class before it starts

  • Get enough sleep.
    Those in their teens or early 20s need at least 9 hours of sleep to stay active throughout the day. Skip the late nights and discipline yourself. Sleep at home so your body will not force you to do it in class.
  • Eat a full breakfast.
    This is the natural way for you to get the energy that you need to survive the day – and survive a boring lecture.
  • Check out energy boosters.
    If you could not avoid the late night (because of an emergency), you can take energy boosters. There are safe and healthy drinks like Celsius energy drink that will keep your eyes open in class.
  • Take caffeine pills.
    There are stay awake pills with caffeine that will really help you get through the day without falling asleep at the wrong time (like in class?) Just be careful about the dosage that you will take. Too much caffeine is generally bad for you.

How to stay awake in class while it is going on

  • Pretend that the professor is saying something really interesting.
    It’s all in the mind. If you think that you are interested, you will be.
  • Participate in class.
    Your mind may be falling asleep but pay attention long enough so you can ask a question or comment on something. That should wake you up.
  • Keep busy.
    I strongly discourage you from talking because that will get you into trouble. But things, like writing or fiddling with your pen, should be enough activity to keep you from falling asleep in class. Try not to choose an activity that is too distracting.
  • Hold your breath as long as you can (e.g. count to 100).
    This is a great way to keep yourself from falling over the edge of sleep.
  • Get up and walk.
    You are allowed bathroom breaks in class so ask permission to go out. You can wash your face with cold water to wake yourself up. Or you can drink a glass of cold water.
  • Sniff on peppermints.
    Smelling peppermints should be a great way to keep your senses awake.

You will never know when you will need tips on how to stay awake in class so you might want to keep this list handy. It pays to be prepared so you will not jeopardize your chances of graduating.





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