Top 10 Best Stay Awake Pills

Have you heard of stay awake pills? Of course, you have. But whether you have used them or not, it is important for you to understand the effects that they will have on your body.

If you are wondering if these pills can help, yes they can. These are like shots of caffeine that you take to stimulate your senses despite the lack of sleep.

Also known as oral caffeine, it affects your nervous system by acting as a stimulant to the enzyme phosphodiesterase. It inhibits this enzyme that in turn, allows the body to form more proteins to help release neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters act as stimulating chemical signals that go through your body – specifically your muscles, brain, and heart.

No Prescriptions Needed for Stay Awake Pills or Tablets

You do not really need prescriptions to get this so anyone can buy it over the counter. You can take stay awake pills in 200 mg (tablets) or 75 mg (lozenges) doses. This dosage should be enough to help you restore wakefulness or mental alertness.

These pills that help you stay awake used to be quite controversial. After all, they can be mistaken for addictive drugs. But over time, these stay awake pills proved to be very useful for certain individuals with specific functions.

For instance, soldiers who are forced to do an all-nighter for a mission could take these stay awake caffeine pills to help them stay alert despite the lack of sleep. For them, it could be a matter of life or death. Although the adrenaline of being in a battle zone or a stakeout will keep you naturally awake, you do not want to take any chances.

It can also prove to be useful for those who intend to drive all night. Driving while sleepy is proven to be more dangerous than drunk driving. We all know how car accidents can be brutal and destructive. You do not want to be a part of this accident if you can help it.

Students and workers also take these pills that make you stay awake. It can be very useful when a deadline is coming up at work or if you have an upcoming exam.

Staying Awake Pill Warnings

Just a word of warning. Try to be cautious about how you combine stay awake pills with other stimulating agents. Caffeine by itself can cause side effects like heart palpitations, tremors, anxiety, and high blood pressure. Combining it with others may prove to be too much for your body.

And finally, stay awake pills, while effective, is not the best way to battle sleepiness. If you get the chance, you should get enough rest. There are lasting side effects to lack to sleep and no pill can ever compensate for the way your body recharges when you hit the sack.

If you insist on taking stay awake pills, then here are some popular ones.

Equate Stay Awake Caffeine Alertness Aid

This stay awake pill works well. Eat before you take it as you may get nauseous on an empty stomach. Some say it is equal to No Doze.

Motivation!: Herbal Caffeine + Energy Vitamin Supplement

Motivation! is a great supplement that will give you the push you need without the yellowing teeth from coffee and the chemicals from energy drinks. You don’t have to worry about the jitters or experiencing a caffeine crash and best of all the price is an amazing deal!

Bio Energy – #1 Rated Nootropic Energy Supplement

For hardcore stimulant & energy fiends only! It definitely improves focus in a significant way, clears my brain fog, and gives energy. It is the strongest legal stimulant available.


Get good boost without crash, great focus, and no jitters. It’s all natural without all the chemicals usually associated with stay awake pills.


Jet Alert pills take about 25 minutes to kick in. At 100 mg, these stay awake pills make a great substitute for coffee.





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