What is an Automatic Espresso Machine?

Have you ever wanted to make your own espressos at home rather than paying a high price at niche coffee shops? Well, now you can! Automatic espresso machines take all the work out of it, and set you up with delicious espresso goodness. While this won’t help your caffeine addiction, it will help get you cafe quality espresso.

Now that you know you want an automatic espresso machine, how automatic can you get?

Semi vs Super Automatic

The first type of automatic espresso machine is a semi-automatic. You will have more control in the brewing process with this type. You can choose the grind type and the pull time, which can affect your results. These are great for experienced espresso makers who like to add their personal touch to their brews. Perhaps not as helpful for someone who has never made an espresso before.

The second type is the super-automatic espresso machine. Whole Latte Love made a video talking about it and using it as an example. These are, as their name suggests, a step above automatic espresso machines. They come with built-in grinders and milk frothers, taking you completely out of the making process. These are good options for espresso makers who don’t have much experience making one, and having a personal touch isn’t as important.

What Can I Make with It?

Straight Espresso is the base of many caffeinated drinks. It is rich and creamy and can be drunk on its own or added to other drinks. A higher quality machine will do a better job making it.

Americano is another drink that you can make if you don’t want to add milk to it. Whether that’s because you don’t drink milk, or you just don’t want to mess with it, this is the drink for you. It is half water and half espresso. Since espresso is still a strong flavor, a high-quality machine is a good choice here.

Lungo is basically an Americano drink, however, water is added during the brewing process rather than after. So, instead of diluting the flavor, it adds to it. Since this happens during the brewing process, it is better to use a semi-automatic machine so that you have more control over the process.

Ristretto is for those who love their espressos strong! With so much caffeine, it will grow hair on your chest and slap you awake. Essentially, you add half the amount of water you do for the Lungo before you brew. This kind of drink will need a high-quality machine that you trust.

Latte can be made without an espresso machine, however, Roasty Coffee recommends trying it with a high-quality espresso machine. It will froth the milk amazingly well, which will make the drink that much more delicious.

Macchiato can be made into two separate drinks – an Espresso Macchiato or a Latte Macchiato. The espresso Macchiato will be stronger if the espresso is focused on, while the steaming will affect the Latte Macchiato.

Cappuccino is a classic Italian drink that is equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam. It is important to have a mid-range machine that makes decent espresso and has a good steaming wand.

Best Automatic Espresso Machines

Now that you know you want one of these machines, which one should you buy? Here are some of the best ranked by Roasty Coffee:

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso Machine is an affordable and average quality semi-automatic espresso machine. These machines run around $200, which is more affordable in comparison to its high-end appliance counterpart. While it can’t compete against high-end machines, it is a good introductory machine for those who just want to explore it.

Gaggia RI8762 Anima Prestige Automatic Espresso Machine is a compact, high-end espresso machine. It has automatic frothing and Rapid Steam technology. It is easy to use and produces great tasting drinks. Although, high end calls for high prices. These machines can run around $1000, which is far more expensive in comparison to Mr. Coffee machine.

Breville Barista Touch BES800BSS Espresso Machine is another high-end machine, however, it is the best of both worlds. It has the power of an automatic machine with the flexibility of a semi-automatic. Roasty Coffee recommends this one if you are spending $5 a day on coffee, since this one will replicate the taste. The price runs around $1000, however, will pay itself off if you are a daily espresso drinker.

To summarize

Overall, an automatic espresso machine is a great investment for those who love espresso drinks. Given the variety of drinks, you can make with it, these machines can be worth the price. It comes down to how much or how little you want to be a part of the drink making. After that, you can decide how much money you want to put towards it. Then you can enjoy the variety of drinks at your leisure.





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